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Grab shake rub

2nd day into my flu. Yesterday had chicken soup and it really helped like a lot but today again I'm back to square one.

Anyway it was a superbly sleepy time at the office again as usual. Flu makes people sleepy. Fact. I think. 
Had a dinner date again earlier. Wanted to head for the gym but advise said that i should give my body a rest. Agreed. 
Question: what do you look for in a person? I tend to get that question and somehow I can never answer it. Not sure why. All I can say is time will tell. Some people tend to have like a list of A-Z of criteria but, I mean I do have them too, but somehow I choose not to follow them at times. Playing it by the book will only get you so far. 

Cherry poppin.  Time for bed. Night guys!!

Weekend filled Birthday

Dreadful Monday. Totally. Caught a cold now a sore throat. I really need to recover by Friday. A big company event coming up next week and I can't be sick!

Anyway, it was a long weekend. But with that, I still didn't get the rest I needed. But I did had fun. 
Saturday celebrated one of my close friend's birthday. The themed was "Bold" so everyone dressed in their best to look their best. It was a fun filled night. Food, cakes, desserts all sorts. Honestly ate too much that night. Still food made the night happening. Imagine playing cards and losers are punished by eating?  The following day we had the chance to dip ourself in the pool after stuffing the stomach with breakfast meals at the coffee house. All in all, it was great and Happy Birthday Mr Eiffel Tower. 

On Sunday evening another birthday dinner. But it was for my uncle this time. All family members were there and it was great meeting up with all again after sometime. Happy Birthday Uncle!!
How was your …

Pump it

It's a public holiday today. I mean yesterday. How awesome? But still tired. Having a long weekend is good but the lazy ness is so bad.

Attended the usual body pump class today. So far been good with it although sometimes I tend to drift away with my focus. I may need to slow it down a bit. Seem to be getting too tired lately. I need a holiday? Maybe. Oh well. Oh yeah. Singapore baby. Have you mark your dates?
Time to off the lights. Nite awesome people.


Can someone tell me what the hell is happening? Well actually I more or less do but what the hell again? So Imotiv is a new way of posting comments and keeping up with the latest blog updates and all? Seems cool. But hell its pretty confusing. Seriously. I've been updating here thru my phone the few post and today I've decided to access it thru the lappie and to realise that, that part of my blog has changed. Oh my, but its more like a live feed thingy. Not bad. Acceptable although I've missed out a few comments in the few previous post.

Lethargic in touch of some magic

I think I've not gain back my full form of being fully recharged. I'm always sleepy and tired for the past 4 days. Seriously superbly tired. But I'm trying not to let my self drown in my tiredness.

Yesterday manage to catch up with Mr SY for cake (since he's having cravings for it) and drink. We talk about shaving legs and that really made me think. Why do guys want or actually shave their legs? Answer please guys!

For today was another night out. Dinner and just a drink. Friend's birthday, plus it was also his first anniversary with his partner. The both of them are extremely sweet. Happy birthday my friend. Stay awesome and always blossom! 
I should really get to bed now. Goodnight and sweet dreams. I need magic.

Virgin runner

Legs starting to ache. Superbly tired. Overall enjoyed the morning.

Sunday morning was the Milo Malaysia Breakfast Day marathon and why am I blogging about it? Well it's because I ran in it. I mean it's my first time even though I've had many contemplation to run in others. For a first timer, well, I did not bad I would say. Manage to complete it within less then an hour. An achievement? I would say it is. Would running be a new hobby for me? It depends. 
My first medal for running. 
Do you run?


So here I am on the bed with a book reading some general knowledge stuff. Lately been kind of lazy to do anything actually. I'm so deprived of my precious sleep due to my late night attitude.

I've been getting dreams once in awhile of people or someone I should say. But still oh well. 
Dreamlover can you come and rescue me? Okay now Mariah's playing in my head. 
I should be sleeping like sleep! And stop thinking bout certain things.


Love. Lover. Boy. Are you a loverboy? Don't be shy just say it. Haha.

I've been thinking for sometime now. There's something I've always wanted to get but never had the guts to get it. Can you guess? Well I've always wanted a tattoo. Not those super big dragon or folk fore type like you see those guys in the gym or streets have. I want something small yet it's full of meaning. Location wise not sure where it'll be. Still thinking. But what I want is a symbol of "infinity". Why? Find a dictionary and look it up. 
But still thinking if I should get it. 

Hot weather is really so Summerish!

Monday is back

Oh my! It's Monday again. I'm only hoping for it to pass faster until pay day.

So weekend was kind of packed this time. Saturday afternoon, well, like in my previous post. While at night, headed to the club with two great guys. Honestly the night wasn't really a good one. Two reasons. The music was hopeless and headache decided to hit me all night long. But I still enjoyed the time with eyes none stop wondering around and laughing around with the two. 

Bite me!
Yesterday was Mother's Day. Happy moms day I would say. Woke up quite early after a late night. Laze around before heading out to get cupcakes for mom. Meet up with Mr SY for tea, which I had a supper huge slice of brownie while his tiramisu was like half the size of mine. After that was dinner at home, ate the cupcakes while all were around, chatted and arrived back in PJ at almost 1. Slept at 2 and I'm pretty sleepy now. 

Cupcakes from Bisou. Kind of big!
Time to work although I'm extremely lazy lately…

Another weekend

Saturday afternoon. Collected my race pack for the Milo run next week at Jaya One. Lots of people running too it seems. Do they don't ever run? Anyway it'll be my first run. Yes I know. I'm still a virgin when it comes to marathons or related stuff. So I'm starting small.

It's been a lazy afternoon. After lunch Artisan was the first choice but it was packed like so many humans. Decided to head to Mukha instead. It's truly a hot and lazy Saturday so far. 

So here I am. Hot Capp and choc moose slice, stuffing my face with it. 
How's your Saturday so far?


Do you use any sort of cream? Such as hand creams, body lotion or what so ever? Well I do.

It's too keep my skin moist and not feel dry. 

Vaseline is good.


Do you dress up for work or do you just take what ever's hanging in the wardrobe, wear it and head out?
I used to be a huge fan of checks ( am I spelling it right?). Then I stopped liking it. But now I'm liking it again. From the stripes and all, checks gives another sort of vibe. Small or big squares they give some life to a plain shirt. 

See checks looks great. These are super small ones. Like 0.2 x 0.2. 
Do you fancy checkered shirts?


Mariah Carey's out with a new single! It sounds awesome and will surely blossom! Do hope it'll be her next #1 hit!

Isn't it good? Awesome? Totally love it. The raw sounds makes it more great.

Post GE13

Elections just ended. It was the most anticipated one and most exciting one.

First of all congrats to DS Najib on being the PM again for another term and forming the Government. Congrats to DAP for achieving one of its best results by gaining 38 seats in Parliament.

To me I think both sides won. Well BN got to form the Government again while Opposition managed to gain new grounds and votes. Isn't that an achievement for both? But I'm pretty sure there are those out there who still say and do shallow stuff about both sides which truly shows how immature some group of Malaysians still can be.

But one thing is for sure, people want change. But what change is it that they want? Only God knows I guess.

Looking on FB recently before and after the GE, it has been real sickening. Some can be totally hilarious on things that they post and share which really tickles my tickle bone. Nothing but politics. I guess some of them should have been politicians. I'm pretty sure they'l…

Sweet escape

Yes I'm still not over the weekend period. Still suffering from a beach hang over. I can't get enough of the sand, wind and salty water. I want more of it. So much more of it. But no worries. August will be more.

Well a short trip over the weekend was fun. I didn't get sun burned but I got tanned. Love the tone but could be better. I don't really like being extremely fair but just some nice colour would be great. So I did play in the sun although had some sunblock on.

Took some nice pics as well. Since its been sometime I've posted any pics, here are some. None of the pics were taken using any sort of SLR except my phone. Beat that! LOL

Aren't they pretty?

Any comment?

p.s. - all pics shall remain with the rights of this blog owner and shall not be duplicated.