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Another weekend

Saturday afternoon. Collected my race pack for the Milo run next week at Jaya One. Lots of people running too it seems. Do they don't ever run? Anyway it'll be my first run. Yes I know. I'm still a virgin when it comes to marathons or related stuff. So I'm starting small.

It's been a lazy afternoon. After lunch Artisan was the first choice but it was packed like so many humans. Decided to head to Mukha instead. It's truly a hot and lazy Saturday so far.

So here I am. Hot Capp and choc moose slice, stuffing my face with it. 

How's your Saturday so far? 


  1. Was thinking of joining the Breakfast Run but at the end didnt make it to register @@

    Have a good run!! UPM is quite a hilly route, depending how the route is set but 7km should be sap sap sui for you, within the time frame. Go get a finisher medal and blog about your virgin running experience!! (:

    1. I also registered one day before the closing. Haha

      So far yeah Upm certain parts is hilly and the route seems to be quite ok but still. Haha. Eh 7km is still a challenge for a newbie like me. Hehehe.

    2. You know the place well. Lol... No shortcuts eh... Lol... I think 7km is a good starting distance for newbie. I had my first run at 10km and max I've run is 21km... I've stopped competitive running for a few months already... Now 5km on treadmill also tiresome... Lol...

    3. I actually know it very well. Hahaha

      Lazy to run is it lately? Hehe

  2. Lol... Yeah... Kinda lazy... Happy Sunday!


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