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Monday is back

Oh my! It's Monday again. I'm only hoping for it to pass faster until pay day.

So weekend was kind of packed this time. Saturday afternoon, well, like in my previous post. While at night, headed to the club with two great guys. Honestly the night wasn't really a good one. Two reasons. The music was hopeless and headache decided to hit me all night long. But I still enjoyed the time with eyes none stop wondering around and laughing around with the two.

Bite me!

Yesterday was Mother's Day. Happy moms day I would say. Woke up quite early after a late night. Laze around before heading out to get cupcakes for mom. Meet up with Mr SY for tea, which I had a supper huge slice of brownie while his tiramisu was like half the size of mine. After that was dinner at home, ate the cupcakes while all were around, chatted and arrived back in PJ at almost 1. Slept at 2 and I'm pretty sleepy now.

Cupcakes from Bisou. Kind of big!

Time to work although I'm extremely lazy lately. 

Happy Monday folks. Xoxo.