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Post GE13

Elections just ended. It was the most anticipated one and most exciting one.

First of all congrats to DS Najib on being the PM again for another term and forming the Government. Congrats to DAP for achieving one of its best results by gaining 38 seats in Parliament.

To me I think both sides won. Well BN got to form the Government again while Opposition managed to gain new grounds and votes. Isn't that an achievement for both? But I'm pretty sure there are those out there who still say and do shallow stuff about both sides which truly shows how immature some group of Malaysians still can be.

But one thing is for sure, people want change. But what change is it that they want? Only God knows I guess.

Looking on FB recently before and after the GE, it has been real sickening. Some can be totally hilarious on things that they post and share which really tickles my tickle bone. Nothing but politics. I guess some of them should have been politicians. I'm pretty sure they'll "fair well". 

Anyway, its time to move on people. Wait till 2018 then make a decision again on what you want.


  1. Like like like like like like.. why no like button?!?!! :P

  2. i want gays and lesbians to form the government in 2018!
    i want a gay PM!!!!!

    1. LOL.. but who knows one day..that's if all parties in Malaysia can accept it


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