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Sweet escape

Yes I'm still not over the weekend period. Still suffering from a beach hang over. I can't get enough of the sand, wind and salty water. I want more of it. So much more of it. But no worries. August will be more.

Well a short trip over the weekend was fun. I didn't get sun burned but I got tanned. Love the tone but could be better. I don't really like being extremely fair but just some nice colour would be great. So I did play in the sun although had some sunblock on.

Took some nice pics as well. Since its been sometime I've posted any pics, here are some. None of the pics were taken using any sort of SLR except my phone. Beat that! LOL

Aren't they pretty?

Any comment?

p.s. - all pics shall remain with the rights of this blog owner and shall not be duplicated.


  1. Seriously? No SLR? It's so good, what apps do you use???

    1. The app for editing is Repix. Try it quite good.

  2. Ad... The first pic is hottttt!!!!

  3. the second pic is you??


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