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Virgin runner

Legs starting to ache. Superbly tired. Overall enjoyed the morning.

Sunday morning was the Milo Malaysia Breakfast Day marathon and why am I blogging about it? Well it's because I ran in it. I mean it's my first time even though I've had many contemplation to run in others. For a first timer, well, I did not bad I would say. Manage to complete it within less then an hour. An achievement? I would say it is. Would running be a new hobby for me? It depends.
My first medal for running. 

Do you run?


  1. Clap x3
    Congrats in your first run!! A good time I should say. If you start running more, competitively with others along side you, you will find that your timing can be better! Lol... Have you checked your official timing? (:

    1. But seriously I need to train more if I were serious in it.
      I didn't really check my official timing. Lol. Just did my own checking. :p


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