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Weekend filled Birthday

Dreadful Monday. Totally. Caught a cold now a sore throat. I really need to recover by Friday. A big company event coming up next week and I can't be sick!

Anyway, it was a long weekend. But with that, I still didn't get the rest I needed. But I did had fun. 

Saturday celebrated one of my close friend's birthday. The themed was "Bold" so everyone dressed in their best to look their best. It was a fun filled night. Food, cakes, desserts all sorts. Honestly ate too much that night. Still food made the night happening. Imagine playing cards and losers are punished by eating? 
The following day we had the chance to dip ourself in the pool after stuffing the stomach with breakfast meals at the coffee house. All in all, it was great and Happy Birthday Mr Eiffel Tower.

On Sunday evening another birthday dinner. But it was for my uncle this time. All family members were there and it was great meeting up with all again after sometime. Happy Birthday Uncle!!

How was your weekend? Monday Shemonday.