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InTrend Jun 2013

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! The haze is extremely mad today. View from 17th floor is just pure grayish stain outside the window. Madness and in office it's the smell that's crazy.

Anyway apart from the haze I was totally shocked by what I got to know earlier today. 
I, I mean my blog was featured with 4 others bloggers on page 136 of InTrend magazine. How cool is that? If its not cool then I'm ok with it. Shoo shoo. I've never in a million years would imagine writing crappy stuff would even get anyone's attention. Let alone a mag. Well I'm pretty excited from it since its a first for me. 
Here's the page ;)

Here's the feature.
 It's pretty small but I feel speechless. Quarter page. Sorry I'm just excited. Don't get mushy. 
I'm guessing they wrote the article sometime in early May since the pic in the feature was back in April. Or they chose that as the rest was not quite appropriate. Too much camwhoring?
Something about the mag, well InTrend is…

Haze me

Ok so the haze is really getting worse by the day. I won't say haze. It's pollution!
The weekend was great. A few adventures here and there. Hit the club as well and finally someone said I look younger then my age. Love ya xoxo. Well clubbing in a hazey environment is really something. But had a wonderful day. 
Today was pretty much not my day. If only things had gone better I won't be feeling kinda down. Ok back to the story.
So it was a sis and bro day out. She needed an advisor for her annual dinner dress. I have good taste it seems. Anyway drove to her place, picked her up, and the best part. Reverse my car, I saw a lorry parked behind. Instead of hitting the breaks I stepped onto the oil and you know how it went. Drove forward there was this screeching sound! Both of us got down and sis went "oh my god!" I was hoping just a dent or a scratch but no! There was a gaping hole on the boot cover. Freaking gap like a V-j-j. Damn it. 
So the incident has cause me tonne…

Perfection and obsession

My Thursday has ended. My replacement day just ended. But it ended on a high note and a lovely day. More days to come of it.

Is the "society" just to obsess with perfection? Perfection in terms of looks, physic and material stuff. If you're perfect, those that surrounds you are mostly those that are the same. But if you're otherwise, so are those around. 
"Society" discrimination?

I'm a real boy

Remember each time Pinocchio were to tell a lie, his nose would grow long? That's because he's not suppose to tell a lie.

Honesty brings trust. Trust leads to loyalty. Do you agree with that? If you don't, well I'm not arguing. 
Being honest, trustworthy and loyal I guess it's the three main pillars to build and have in a relationship. Of cause there's other aspects as well but I think these three are more important. Not sure what do you guys think since I can't read minds. 
Any-hoo, I'm sure there are many many many out there with this qualities which can be denied. 
So how honest, trustworthy and loyal are you?

Mirror me

So how shall I shoot? Up down left right back front top bottom the list goes on for god knows how long.

Have you looked in the mirror and say "gosh what's that?" "Hi I'm XXX" "I love you" "I'm fat" "I got 1 ab" "miss you" and the bla and la you can think of. 
Each time I stare at the mirror I see a new side to me. I'm always wishing, wanting and trying to be the best I can not just for  me but for the ones I love and cherish. Yeah sometimes I can be a bit over the top or maybe a little unorthodox but I do try to be who I truly am. If one is able to accept all my topsy turvy attitude and personality, I guess that person truly understands me inside out. 
Life has truly change a lot for me for in the recent few years. From walking steps by day now I'm running laps by day. 

Back then is past, I'm living for the current and future. 
What do you see in the mirror?


I just ate a red apple. I'm going to pretend to faint and pass out. I can't breathe. Unconscious. Stiff. I've become the male version of Snow White. Will someone bring me to life?

Such fairy tales. But fairy tales do happen in reality. It all depends on what type that's all. 

Anyway, the week has been quite good. Looking forward for more time ahead. Can't think on what to blog actually. My brain's like so blank now. 
Questions: what's your fairy tale?


Confession. Such a powerful word. Have you made a confession? The one that you confess to a priest doesn't count. Ok skipped that.

I've got a confession to make. That is, I can't swim. I know I'm not the only one who doesn't but still its so embarrassing. I've only learned cycling when I was a freshman. How's that? I did learned when I was like 7 but gave up since I've had mosaic bruises on my legs. I had a mischievous childhood. Climbing stuff was my forte. Trees not "poles". 
Back to my topic. So, since I don't know how to swim, decided to take lesson from 2 incredible swimmers. Won't mention their names to avoid them from bloating up like hot air balloons. As I was excited, got my self a nice fitting *wink wink* pair of trunks, not speedos. (Sorry no pictures of it)
Skipping all the bla bla bla, the only swimming I could do was, swimming backwards or head under water as though I'm some sort of a scuba diver, of cause I was movin…

Summer lovin'

It's summer fashion. Not like we have summer locally (season wise), but the weather really does feel like it. Less fabric more skin? I guess it should be.

I think something is happening. How would you know something is happening? Simple. You wouldn't. You just wait for it to happen that's all. Is it good or not so good? Well I'm hopin' it's good as always. 

I'm so wishing I'm on an island gateway again. Work has been good but some news isn't making me happy at all. Just wait and see I guess. Can't wait for my final holiday of the year in November. Some time to escape reality. 
Oh yes. I need more sleep too. I got to force my self to sleep early. 
Happy Friday guys! It is Friday now since its midnight. Have an awesome weekend.


How furry would you go? Not that kind of "furry". I mean animals *wink wink

Who love pets? Raise your hand! 
Well I was brought up with pets especially dogs. Not much of a feline fan but I can still accept them. If I were to have a place (with my future.....) I would so want to get either a rabbit or a dog. Fish tank maybe for hobby. 
Chow Chow! 
What's your furry friend to be?

Which do you love?

Another weekend another week gone. It's the half year mark. Damn it's fast! Another week of great time to close.

Let's shoot. So everyone has a part of their body that they love or don't. It can be one, two, three or even everything. Well I do love my whole self as I am but there are two parts which I do love. Not a self fetish thing alright, just to set the record straight. 
Eyes and legs. I guess this are the two parts I love more. (It's so Mariah to love your legs) I love the rest as well but maybe just 0.001% more to this two. Funny? I know it is. But I'm pretty sure there's such interest. 
Ok what did I just crap again? 
Anyway I always love the way I am. Besides, nobody is perfect. If he was, he'd be God!
Which do you love more? Can be anywhere. *wink wink*