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Haze me

Ok so the haze is really getting worse by the day. I won't say haze. It's pollution!

The weekend was great. A few adventures here and there. Hit the club as well and finally someone said I look younger then my age. Love ya xoxo. Well clubbing in a hazey environment is really something. But had a wonderful day. 

Today was pretty much not my day. If only things had gone better I won't be feeling kinda down. Ok back to the story.

So it was a sis and bro day out. She needed an advisor for her annual dinner dress. I have good taste it seems. Anyway drove to her place, picked her up, and the best part. Reverse my car, I saw a lorry parked behind. Instead of hitting the breaks I stepped onto the oil and you know how it went. Drove forward there was this screeching sound! Both of us got down and sis went "oh my god!" I was hoping just a dent or a scratch but no! There was a gaping hole on the boot cover. Freaking gap like a V-j-j. Damn it. 

So the incident has cause me tonnes of problem.   

Feeling really sick thinking about all these stuff.