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InTrend Jun 2013

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! The haze is extremely mad today. View from 17th floor is just pure grayish stain outside the window. Madness and in office it's the smell that's crazy.

Anyway apart from the haze I was totally shocked by what I got to know earlier today. 

I, I mean my blog was featured with 4 others bloggers on page 136 of InTrend magazine. How cool is that? If its not cool then I'm ok with it. Shoo shoo. I've never in a million years would imagine writing crappy stuff would even get anyone's attention. Let alone a mag. Well I'm pretty excited from it since its a first for me.
Here's the page ;)

Here's the feature.

 It's pretty small but I feel speechless. Quarter page. Sorry I'm just excited. Don't get mushy. 

I'm guessing they wrote the article sometime in early May since the pic in the feature was back in April. Or they chose that as the rest was not quite appropriate. Too much camwhoring?

Something about the mag, well InTrend is a local fashion and lifestyle mag. Been around for years and they've got good followers. Bought the mag like literally. Self obsess? 

But the header in there is different from the current. How?