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Mirror me

So how shall I shoot? Up down left right back front top bottom the list goes on for god knows how long.

Have you looked in the mirror and say "gosh what's that?" "Hi I'm XXX" "I love you" "I'm fat" "I got 1 ab" "miss you" and the bla and la you can think of. 

Each time I stare at the mirror I see a new side to me. I'm always wishing, wanting and trying to be the best I can not just for  me but for the ones I love and cherish. Yeah sometimes I can be a bit over the top or maybe a little unorthodox but I do try to be who I truly am. If one is able to accept all my topsy turvy attitude and personality, I guess that person truly understands me inside out. 

Life has truly change a lot for me for in the recent few years. From walking steps by day now I'm running laps by day.

Back then is past, I'm living for the current and future. 

What do you see in the mirror?