Sunday, June 2

Which do you love?

Another weekend another week gone. It's the half year mark. Damn it's fast! Another week of great time to close.

Let's shoot. So everyone has a part of their body that they love or don't. It can be one, two, three or even everything. Well I do love my whole self as I am but there are two parts which I do love. Not a self fetish thing alright, just to set the record straight. 

Eyes and legs. I guess this are the two parts I love more. (It's so Mariah to love your legs) I love the rest as well but maybe just 0.001% more to this two. Funny? I know it is. But I'm pretty sure there's such interest. 

Ok what did I just crap again? 

Anyway I always love the way I am. Besides, nobody is perfect. If he was, he'd be God!

Which do you love more? Can be anywhere. *wink wink*

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