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Call me baby

What a July. What a JULY!

Last whole week been waking (minus the 'n' between 'a' and 'k' ) late almost the whole 5 working days. At least 30 mins that is. Luckily my biological clock is still functioning otherwise l'll be screwed (not that "screwed") by my boss. 

Been joining more classes at gym lately. Apart from body pump I've joined dance classes (so what if I dance? don't be a jelly please) and tried steps. The latter is totally not my thang honey I tell you *finger swing*

Work has been okay so far. Again I'm thinking of you know bla bla bla ma ma ma. Everyone seems to be landing new jobs. Why!!

Started back my acupuncture sessions again on a weekly basis. Well more needles might help. Time to look good and feel good. 

Okay so I've been a good boy (guy) for almost two months now. Yes. I'm a good boy. My nose ain't growing longer but I do wish it'll grow sharper. Not that I'm not a good one, but this good is different. Again it's not sex related. No no no. Feed you to the lion. 

Alright my writing is getting weirder by the day. 

I need a real good massage. Anyone good at it? 

I need the beach the sand the sun the sea! I think I'm from the sea. Merman. *wink wink*

The pic says it all. 

Ps-it's less skin here ;p