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Dead bird

Ok the title seems a little off. It does. Well that's how I'm feeling. Like a dead birdie. Not that my birdie is dead. It's well of to do. *wink wink

There's always the saying that goes:
"History teaches us that a man learns nothing from History".

What does it mean? Do you know?

From my understanding, it means, a person never learns something that has happened in the past, and still repeats it in the present.

History has taught me a lot in life. I mean history in life not History the exam paper although I scored 4.0 for paper 2 in my STPM. Anyway I've learned not that I've not learned from history.

A sentence that I've learned.

"Go with the flow"

I shall and will.

Time to pack up and head to the gym. Its pump time and Sunday it'll be Capoiera!