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Little stuff

First week of July has ended. Lots more to go before its the new year. Then Ill be another year older. It sucks like totally! Ok keep calm and stay young.

Just thought of writing some little stuff about me which I've not done before. There's no limit but just a few. Let me see. Alright here it goes. 

1. Food junkie and lover 
2. Animal lover forever
3. Did a 10 day jungle camp with 8 days without shower
4. An outdoor person but everyone these days seem to be all indoors
5. Gardening is essential
6. Handy craft is part of me (used to be)
7. Can be a shopping maniac (but controllable)
8. A big Mariah Carey fan
9. Not afraid of getting tanned (love beaches)
10. Traveling is a must (only if I can afford it)
11. Ate a big fat sago worm
12. Waist reduction from a 34 to 29
13. Family 1st, lover 2nd, friends 3rd
14. Straight to the point no use for fancy start ups
15. Mixed parentage (grand parents la)
16. Total banana (but I do speak some)
17. Acts like a minion at times
18. Love cuddling
19. Branded clothing is not important but how you dress is
20. Used to have a pierced ear
21. Sleep naked (at times)
22. Spoiled mostly all tech gadgets given
23. Only use Clinique Happy
24. Hardcore Godiva fan
25. Learned to dance from mom
26. Not close with cousins (dads side)
27. Loving at times (whenever needed)
28. Wasn't raise with a silver spoon in the mouth
29. Always seeking adventure (depends on what adventure)
30. Originality and self loving 

Oh my. My self do seem boring. But I like it although some parts I do wish to change it. 

Looking for some new light at the end of the tunnel. 

Hope the weekend has been great for you guys. Time to face a blue Monday.

Those are new. Those white spots. 


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