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Pink Dot 2013 Singapore

It's 1st of July. It's a Monday. It's the second half of the year. It's still a bit hazey.

It doesn't really sound that good does it? Actually it should be good, only it being in the second half of the year. Another 6 months to 2014! Luckily I've not made any yearly resolution. Otherwise I'll definitely fail in making them a reality. Hash-tag epic failure.

As you can read or see the title of the post for today. Yes not black or white or even purple (even though I heard my ex colleague saying its the official colour), but it's pink. I'm not so sure why it is pink although I would think it would be associated with breast cancer but still pink is a colour which is soft and yet peaceful. I think I better stop crapping about the colour.

Here's the story. So, over the weekend (yes I did not informed anyone about this) made a trip down south. More of I flew over to our neighbour which has a cross breed between a lion and a mermaid spitting water out of its mouth, Singapore. I guess you already do know the reason I was there so I won't go watering the plants anymore.

Pink Dot 2013 Singapore was the biggest yet this time round. There was 21k odd people from all backgrounds of life there. I mean, you could truly see the support by the community there and around. There was obviously the queer folks, the gal-bro and families as well and foreigners (like me) gathering and cheering, for a good cause. There were even pets. So adorable! The pets *wink wink*

It was a first time for me to attend such an event and it was an experience. Apart from all the eye twitching around (literally), the night was fun and very pink. Wonder will there be a Pink Dot in KL? Do you think it'll happen?

The crowd was friendly as well and all smiles with each other even you don't know who the cappuccino they are. There were even folks from my gym which was a little surprising. 

Another attendance next year for me? I'm guessing it would be a yes. Let's have a blogger trip. What you say?