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What would my baby say.....oh oh oh oh

Just had no idea for a title. So made one up with Pixie Lott in my head. How would I look if I go blond?

Oh freaking hell! The weekends gone. I had 3 off days and nothing came out of it. Except from spending and eating. That's a very bad habit. Can someone control me? 

Oh oh I got two pair of new shoes. I'm a happy boy. Yes boy!

Skipping the chase, lately I've notice I'm the most complicated person ever if not maybe one of the most complicated person ever. I can have mood swings, 'tut' swings (did I just said that), hair swings, hand swings, any kind of swings you can think off. I can go from all super cute innocent guy to the most hated guy ever (not that I've ever tried to be one before). I think being an Aquarius is tough. I tell you tough. You read that right. Tough. 

I'm trying real hard to hold on to what I have. Sometimes I just tend to drift away. Please pull me back will you? I promise I'll hug and kiss ya. 

I think I need an adventure. I want to cycle under the sun, stand under a gushing waterfall, roast chicken wings, sun bathing by the beach, relaxing on a king size bed, having the most awesome massage ever, dining with a view of the city skyline, dancing to Jessica Sanchez' Tonight, sipping on a glass of vodka lime, playing Nicki Minaj in the bedroom while......, jungle tracking for the adrenaline, shouting out my lungs on a roller-coaster, flying off to a world of the unknown and doing all that with person close to you heart. 

I'm dreaming to far off. Time to snap out of it. Pinch me?

So how was the weekend for you guys? You know, we should have a gathering for all the guys here. Who's up for it? I'm seriously serious.

How's the combo above? Thumbs up or thumbs down?


  1. Nice bodehhhhhh!!! Who cares about the combo!!! *rip them off... Wait, not mine*
    Sorry Kor Kor... *put em back on*

    Must be the vodka, must be...

    It's ok to swing and swing, it's even better to show everyone the middle finger... I mean, handshake...

    I have no idea what am I uttering!!!

    1. How come u can still comment using this format geh???

      Evil step sis eh brothers. Tearing my clothes up like Cinderella??!! Hahaha

      Hahahaha. I haven't done that before la showing the middle finger. Must try. :p


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