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AA = Adventure + Adrenaline

Don't ask why it's called 'White'. I have no f-ing idea why it's called 'White'.

I'm deprived of sleep. Like seriously. The past week I have been having so much of late nights. Slept at 2am on Friday then woke up at 8am on Saturday. Slept at 5am on Saturday (which is actually Sunday morning) and woke up at 10am on Sunday and slept at 1.30am. Today I am late for work. Hurray!

Ok skipping all those shoot. So I love outdoors. I like being under the sun, getting dirty, dry and wet. Many would think I'm an indoor person but sadly I'm not. It's just that I hardly have the time to go outdoors and when you got no 'kaki' to join you, it is even more saddening.

Recently I've been reading lots of articles about white water rafting. Seems truly exciting and fun. I've done kayaking but not rafting. Seeing pictures of it really makes me jelly of those folks. On Instagram, Facebook, I want to do it! Not from peer pressure, but just to have some fun that's all. It keeps the adrenaline going.

Just like doing capoeira. Since my gym have those classes, I join them. Not forgetting to mention the blisters you will get on your feet, but its more of the fun from it. Just three weeks of class, instructor said I'm picking up the steps pretty fast. Did I mention I manage to do a handstand? *woot woot*

Swimming lessons have been placed on hold for me. Until I get a goggle of my own, don't think I'll swim. It's not like I'm a pro, and I don't swim like those regular folks. I dive under water.

I've been blogging bout wanting to do this and that lately. What's happening to me? Period.

Do you guys like outdoors? Are you afraid of the sun?

P.s - Who's up for white water rafting?

Today no pic. *wink wink*


  1. Lol... The more I read your blogpost, the more I feel that you want a lot of things to happen in your life. Anyway, try to focus on a few things rather than a lot of things. But probably you are happy to do/write anything n everything. Lol... Have a great week. It's the holiday week.

    1. I know right! So much in my head now. Plans plans plans. Hahaha. Will take your advise too. Have a great week as well. Oh yeah these plans are good for people who want to surprise me. Hahaha


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