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Current times

It's the month of August now. It's Raya again. It's almost nearing end of the year again. Another year will past and another new year will start. Selamat Hari Raya to all who's celebrating it.

"Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?...." plays in the background as I type this post. A song that kept me going since early of the year  till today.  

So I was transferring some photos from my phone to make way for some space and as I was doing it, I had flash backs after flash backs looking at some of the photos that I've still kept until now. It's the moments that I've had through that period. 

Photos are the only memories that one can cherish other then the moments that we've felt. Pictures speak more as truly like the phrase that goes 'a picture speaks 1000 words'. Well I guess for me it's not just a 1000 but definitely more. 

Those flash backs brought a little mist to my eyes as I thought of the moments, the laughs, the funny faces, the simple night of enjoying a bucket of ice cream, the cute white furry friend that I always loved. I guess when you've decided to make a turn along the long winding road, the path to return to the straight road can be hard to achieve. 

I'm not fooling myself. I'm not lying to myself. I'm just facing myself. Hey putting on a smile everyday may seem hard but it's the best one can do. Honestly speaking, those moments made a huge impact on me although it was just a home run. I did wish for a long haul but maybe I just needed a breather. 

Like I always wished, to turn back time to say what I should to do what I should to show what I should to feel what I should. 

There's still a light at the end of tunnel anyways. All one would have to do is just have the strength to get up and walk towards it. Not just give up and breakdown for a miracle to take place. 

As my grandma said before that I'm a dragon head with a rabbit tail. 

Guess that's my reason for being this way. The unusual and totally hard to be understood.

Let bygones be bygones.