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Long time ago

Mid way to evening I was hit by the sore throat bug. Then came the flu. What the hell?!

Today join another class in gym called Fast Fit. Damn it's tiring! Especially it's right after Steps. But I love it. 

Tragedy for today. I actually left my key in the locker and I locked the lock. Only to realize in the shower that I left the key inside. Had to get the staff at the gym to cut the lock. The worse part while I was waiting, everyone in the locker was giving me that look. "Why is that guy not showering or changing or anything?" The stares were making me so uncomfortable as if I'm trying to try my luck. Gosh!

The lock. 

Anyway the story for today is not bout that. It's about someone I knew back then, has emerge back into my eye sight. Not literally. You get the picture. Well I knew this person like almost 3 years back. So after sometime we more of I, just slowly faded away. After some almost 3 years down the road, that person has emerge! It took me sometime to actually figure it out but now I know. How the world really revolve around and small it is. Having said that, we have really changed in person and all. I'm shocked but happy. Hye karma has its way around things doesn't it?

Long weekend. Hope you guys have a great one!