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Same love

It's has been 2 weeks since my last post. Been superbly lazy to write. Actually, not exactly. I do have the thoughts to write but just not the mood to write. I'm so complicated. Am I not?

Firstly, the recent death of those victims in the Genting crash is a really sad situation. Plus the guy and girl was from my Uni as well. May all the victims RIP.

Nothing much have been happening for the past 2 weeks and days. Other then eating and sleeping all the time, nothing much. Is cancelling my trip considered a thing? Don't want to talk about it. No worries I have next year for more beach trips.

Work has been rather sluggish lately with not much productivity from me at all. Apart from just keep eating non-stop from the second I step into the office, nothing much else. I've been looking around for new possibilities but nothing much to spill about it since I've not got any calls yet. Let's cross our fingers shall we? These 2 days has been madness. I've got hardly any time for lunch and I hate last minute work. Seriously!

I've been swimming more lately. More as in twice this month. Yes you should be laughing at this part. Ever since I've bought my first pair of swimming goggles, swimming is a must I guess if not it'll be a waste right? I do have 2 pairs of snorkeling sets but they don't count. Please don't expect me to be like a super awesome swimmer who can go laps after laps like some bloggers *wink wink you know you are*. But, I won't say I'm good, but do I love diving under water and reaching the base of the pool and then heading up to the surface. Merman wannabe. Apart from enjoying getting my hair, skin every part of me wet *wink wink*, I've became slightly tanned. Seriously, I love it! I've never loved being fair. I love being just nice not over-ly or under-ly. I wouldn't want to look like a pale pear or an overly baked potato. I've got tanned lines from my trunks! I think a few more weeks, I'll be just nice. But the main problem, I can't use my goggles for too long otherwise I'll end up looking like Batman. Note: I never knew the guys at KJ pool are just so "friendly" *hamster eyes*.

Currently I've been thinking of my gym membership. Since I'm still working here, I can visit it daily. What if I were to switch jobs and all? Which gym to join and with great classes as well? Don't think I can do away with my bodypump and dance classes. They are my savior! Which which which?

So here's a little update from me. I promise I'll update on Friday night. Pinky promise? Hugs and love to all.


  1. Upgrade your membership to all club/passport. Settle! (:

    1. I could do that but depending on work as well. Wouldn't be worth it to upgrade but not utilizing it.

    2. Looks like you like to swim nowadays. So, probably drop the membership and go to swimming pools whenever you can.

    3. Can't do that. Swimming is like a hobby to me. Haha. Gym will still be there.

    4. Hobby can be something you can do frequently. Besides swimming, go running/jogging lo. If not add in cycling and you can then go for triathlon... Just like *ahem* the famous blogger.


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