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Almost there

Banana almond biscotti in my left hand. Tall hot hazelnut chocolate on the table on the left of the lappy. Sitting at Starbucks while waiting for the traffic to die off. Rain's gone and the ground's wet. Plug to my ears is Michael Buble - Feeling Good.

Finally it's Wednesday and I'm pretty happy. Why? Because it's holiday time again. Woohoo!

I'll be having a superbly long weekend from today till next Tuesday. I've not had such a long break since April.

You know I was thinking. I've been having this blog for the past 5 years and yet I've not done anything which is fun or cliche. So I've decided to go for something cliche. What is it? Well here is how it goes.

I should do a gift give away. What do you think? Just two simple questions and the first correct answer will get the prize. What say you?

Question 1: When is my birthday?

Question 2: These posting is my number what post?

A prize awaits the correct answer!

Have a great week ahead guys! XoXo!


  1. Aiyooo... I think I'm too late to respond to your give away. Lol... Looks like your blog followers are fans of yours ;p

    1. Hahaha. Well I'll have another give away soon! :)


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