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Its raining superbly heavy right now. The window is now a mirror with my reflection in it. But surprisingly it isn't cold. Funny I know. I'm cold bloody? Hope not. I live for the applause. Okay that doesn't make sense or connection at all.

It's Thursday baby! How great is that. It'll be a long weekend. Anyone on leave on Monday? Do get some break and enjoy the days off. Put out those flames and ease yourself to some nice comfy massage or spa to chill those muscles. So what's the plan? Sharing is caring you do know that.

This week so far has been pretty lame. I mean work wise it truly has been. I just got no boost to do any of it plus my focus it mainly been on other stuff. I seriously should start a business. Well it can be any type of business. But it'll have to be mainly online. Well just be on the look out something coming out from me?

You know I've been in love with a particular song ever since I heard it sung by a contestant on The Voice China. Although I don't really know the meaning of the lyrics but every time when it's played you just feel song and all of it. That's what music should be.