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Lucky plucky

Its official. Only 7 days to go. From then on everything will change.

Kind of nervous for it as well. Hope all goes well.

Weekend will be attending a wedding. It'll actually be a first for me to attend a friend's wedding. I'm such a unfriendly friend. I've been invited to so many but attended none. So I've decided that I should attend this since I've actually made her a promise that I'll be there. Hope my outfit fits for the occasion. Couldn't get a lovely Tiffany blue shirt so just settled with what I had. Stay tuned for the outlook! Insta maybe.

Oh my. I'm listening to Christmas songs now. As always only Mariah Carey is my fav among many others.

Nephew's 1 year old birthday is coming up soon. What should I get him or maybe the parents? Any ideas?

Changed my gym membership to all club now. At least I would be able to join various classes at various times. Why don't guys join classes at gyms? Is it because of masculinity issue? Oh yeah. I've started yoga. Basic yoga that is. Damn, I thought I was flexible enough but looks like I'm not so, but I did manage to actually keep my legs in the air with my back off the ground for some time. Any gym buddy to be volunteers?

You know, I've honestly got no idea on what to write here. I need inspiration! To Mr.Ricky, you've not claimed your prize yet!

Been planning for next year's holiday. Not exactly planning but been having it on my mind. Only two trips have been identified. One beach holiday (which is a must) and a city holiday (another must). Where? Haven't confirmed yet. Crossing fingers I'll be able to go for it.

Christmas and New Year coming up pretty fast! Have you done your Christmas shopping or you're the last minute shopper?

p.s. - Dear Santa, I've been a really really good boy this year *wink wink*. I wish for an awesome surprise and gift this year.