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I've left just almost a month and the mount of dust that've collected here is just mad! Even Snow White can't even clean it even with the help of all her furry and winged friends.

I'm back! Sort of. Please feel free to be excited or maybe not. Which ever you prefer. 
Anyway, you might ask where I have freaking been right? Please say you do and did have those thoughts. Well I didn't really go anywhere actually. Been here all the while. 
Just some recap, wedding by the beach was pretty good. Although it kept raining non stop like seriously. But I did enjoy the trip. Plus my room was upgraded as well to Club Suite. How awesome huh? But the view and room wasn't that awesome. Enought of that. Let's talk about now. 
Drum roll please! 
I've started a new job and it's my second week here. So far well it's been great if not awesome. Just love the place. No more corporate shirts or pants. Casual environment and love the laughters I get daily. Let's fo…