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Do what you want (la)

A week or should I say a few days left before CNY comes! Haven't bought any clothes yet. May be this year I might not get any since I've been super lazy. Like seriously lazy. All I want to do is just eat, sleep, gym, repeat. Something's missing other then sleep. Hmmmm. LOL!

This week been quite busy. My gosh. WORK! There's 3 events coming up like super soon and nothing much have been done except recce places. Other then that, nothing else. I think I'm doom! So doom! Hug me someone please! =p

Visited a club/bar yesterday at Changkat. Saw Frangi as well and it was pretty quiet maybe it was still early I guess. Anyway, the place I visited was actually a rooftop club/bar. It's a really new place but I love the concept of it. Graffitis on every wall, it was really something. The place is called Tetto. A cool place to chill and hang out. Met the manager and one of the partners of the place and they were freaking cool folks. Definitely will make a trip back there agai…


It's has been a long weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I should be like seriously resting, instead I've been visiting Mid Valley since Thursday till Saturday. Damn I'm superbly tired every time driving from home to there. Not to mention the traffic, petrol, toll and time. It kills! Plus I've not finished my work! Why do I keep agreeing to plans instead of focusing on my work? I'm so going to die on Monday like seriously! I need vodka!

Anyway, last week manage to head to the gym in the morning before work! I'm so proud of myself. Wouldn't you be? But, there's always a but. By the its evening, I'm half dead. Work and trying to keep in touch with people, urgh tiring man. Sometimes I wonder why did I get a smart phone? Getting up at 5am daily for 5 days, and gymming for like 1.5 hours in the morning then heading to work is tough but if others can do it, so can I!

Will try again this week. I must get used to it and stay healthy! Today I've tried the…

Work those legs!

I'm not sure if I've ever blog about this before. I mean the topic on legs.

Ok. I find a good pair of legs is a must!

So we have two legs which we use to walk, run, jump, squat, or in-particular we do everything with it. Even when you've having moments on bed, there are those who use it. LOL!~fetish I guess?

Anyway, I've always tried to make sure my legs are good meaning, they look good, have some shape and those stuff. That's why, in the gym I do make sure that I never disregard the importance of working out my legs as well.

Can you imagine, wearing shorts or trunks, and your legs aren't that full, it'll make you look a bit tad not so nice. I'm not saying everyone but just a few folks. Like folks at the gym. There are moments when I see guys (girls there aren't many since they've always got good legs) at the gym, with superbly great built on their arms, chest, biceps, triceps, abs or anything that's upper-half. When you look on their lower-…

Work balance

It's almost a month at my new work place.

Honestly it's been great so far. I mean out of my 3 years working, I've never had so much fun and enjoyed my work, and always looking forward for it the next day. 
Maybe it's because of the folks here. They've been pretty awesome people. Although I do feel super old as I can say I'm one of the oldest there. I've always been one of the youngest previously now it's the other way round. *bite me*
Anyways ever since I've started here, hardly had anytime for gym. I'm like growing less muscular and lazier. Help me! The only gym that's the nearest is Lot 10 for me but I'm super lazy to go there. So only weekends for me which is either BV or MV. 

2013 to 2014

Okay honestly I've been neglecting my poor blog lately. Like so badly till it's begging me to return. Yeah right!

Anyway it's 2014! Happy New Year guys!! So how was your new year celebration? What did you do? Anything special or spicy? Lol! What ever it is hope you had a great time with it! Well mine was superbly great as well. Glad to have spend sometime away from work in a comfy room, wait for it, I've got to soak myself in a bathtub prepared with salt crystals. It was totally what I need. When can I have that moment again? *wink wink*
Actually I didn't have the time to do a recap of 2013 before the new year. I guess the only thing I could do is just a simple one now. 
So 2013 I would say wasn't a great year for me nor my family. There was so many things going on till I just am so grateful to still be able to breathe and have my family around. Some of the most down moments for me was when my mom had to be warded in the ICU for few days. I really wished I coul…