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2013 to 2014

Okay honestly I've been neglecting my poor blog lately. Like so badly till it's begging me to return. Yeah right!

Anyway it's 2014! Happy New Year guys!! So how was your new year celebration? What did you do? Anything special or spicy? Lol! What ever it is hope you had a great time with it! Well mine was superbly great as well. Glad to have spend sometime away from work in a comfy room, wait for it, I've got to soak myself in a bathtub prepared with salt crystals. It was totally what I need. When can I have that moment again? *wink wink* 

Actually I didn't have the time to do a recap of 2013 before the new year. I guess the only thing I could do is just a simple one now. 

So 2013 I would say wasn't a great year for me nor my family. There was so many things going on till I just am so grateful to still be able to breathe and have my family around. Some of the most down moments for me was when my mom had to be warded in the ICU for few days. I really wished I could turn back time and be there for her. But nevertheless I will always love her. Then there was the moment where my family home had been broken into. There were lots of unwanted stuff happening to us but we just tried to go through it as positive as we could. Even though with all this we still had one superbly happy moment. That was my nephew. With him around now, my family have never been so lively and wonderful. 

Now to personal stuff, I guess I would've never expected to be deeply hurt even though I've promised myself not to be. I know it was my decision but I had really hope the situation would turn around. In the end it did not and it tought me something which I will never forget. How true was it? Was it like a 'when needed only to look for' moment? Well, what has pass will always remain as just a history. History may or may not repeat itself. That's not for me to decide. With all this I did manage to find my personal happiness after all. 

Now in 2014 all I want to do is just focus on my career, family, friends and my life. I'm not growing any younger nor handsomer. I just want to do the stuff I love and be happy about it. I just hope 2014 will be an extraordinary year for me. With a new career, I pray hard I'll be able to fly even higher. As for resolutions, I've got none. Like I did last year, I've never did any. So this year shall be the same. 

I'm seriously thinking of having a bloggers gathering sometime. Any supporters for it?

It's been sometime since I've been to the club. Time to have a great time soon! 

Question, how is 2014 so far for you??

Look forward and never look back. 


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