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It's has been a long weekend. Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

I should be like seriously resting, instead I've been visiting Mid Valley since Thursday till Saturday. Damn I'm superbly tired every time driving from home to there. Not to mention the traffic, petrol, toll and time. It kills! Plus I've not finished my work! Why do I keep agreeing to plans instead of focusing on my work? I'm so going to die on Monday like seriously! I need vodka!

Anyway, last week manage to head to the gym in the morning before work! I'm so proud of myself. Wouldn't you be? But, there's always a but. By the its evening, I'm half dead. Work and trying to keep in touch with people, urgh tiring man. Sometimes I wonder why did I get a smart phone? Getting up at 5am daily for 5 days, and gymming for like 1.5 hours in the morning then heading to work is tough but if others can do it, so can I!

Will try again this week. I must get used to it and stay healthy! Today I've tried the steam room at CF Bangsar, and shit it was so hot! Like literally hot! The second I stepped in, I could feel my skin burning! I straight went to the corner, furthest away from the source but I can't imagine how could the guy just, actually sit on the freaking hot ass burning bench right above the steam air outlet! He must have got some thick skin?

Another note, I've been stuffing my face lots lately even when I'm already full. Must be stress. When I'm stress I eat a lot. Not sure what I'm stress with though. I'm confused! I want to build a snowman.

Do you want to build a snowman?