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Do what you want (la)

A week or should I say a few days left before CNY comes! Haven't bought any clothes yet. May be this year I might not get any since I've been super lazy. Like seriously lazy. All I want to do is just eat, sleep, gym, repeat. Something's missing other then sleep. Hmmmm. LOL!

This week been quite busy. My gosh. WORK! There's 3 events coming up like super soon and nothing much have been done except recce places. Other then that, nothing else. I think I'm doom! So doom! Hug me someone please! =p

Visited a club/bar yesterday at Changkat. Saw Frangi as well and it was pretty quiet maybe it was still early I guess. Anyway, the place I visited was actually a rooftop club/bar. It's a really new place but I love the concept of it. Graffitis on every wall, it was really something. The place is called Tetto. A cool place to chill and hang out. Met the manager and one of the partners of the place and they were freaking cool folks. Definitely will make a trip back there again (soon!). May be I could plan a gathering there? Interested anyone to go?

Oh oh there's also a Italian restaurant and apparently it's coming up fast and quite reputable. My birthday dinner please? Sponsors thank you!

So as you know I've been gymming in the morning on weekdays. By 7am or 7.30am latest I'm at the gym trying to look good but somehow still failing to do so. On one morning when I got there, as usual was doing my stretch and warming up when suddenly I heard a super distracting noise.

"Arrrhhhhh....urghhhh...mmmmmmm" sounds like a guy having sex! But IT'S NOT!

It was so freaking loud until the 5-7 people in the gym were like giving that face! Including me too la. When I look back I saw a guy with a friend cum trainer training him how to build muscles by carrying weights which is way over his limit. Each time he does one rep, he goes "urgghhhhh...mmmmm..arghhhh", not softly but super loud. Thinking to myself, "dude do you even need to make that sort of noise? If you do, does it have to be super loud???" Even doing crunches he was still able to make that noise. But to me is wasn't exactly distracting but the way he made those noises sounds like he was reaching CLIMAX every single moment! LOL! I know I do make funny faces when I carry a weight which is too heavy. Haha.

Anyway, it's a weekend! Happy weekend guys and girls!