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Work balance

It's almost a month at my new work place.

Honestly it's been great so far. I mean out of my 3 years working, I've never had so much fun and enjoyed my work, and always looking forward for it the next day. 

Maybe it's because of the folks here. They've been pretty awesome people. Although I do feel super old as I can say I'm one of the oldest there. I've always been one of the youngest previously now it's the other way round. *bite me*

Anyways ever since I've started here, hardly had anytime for gym. I'm like growing less muscular and lazier. Help me! The only gym that's the nearest is Lot 10 for me but I'm super lazy to go there. So only weekends for me which is either BV or MV.


  1. I think your new work place should be a nice place to work in. I have the impression that people there are full of positive vibes. Anyway, you can now tag along to watch movies and attend functions. They have lots of those going on (:

    1. It's fun here to work. Trying to
      Adjust working life here. Huhu. You know where I work?

    2. Hahaha... There are hints here and there. I picked up the hints :p

    3. Hermmmm..... How do you? Lol

    4. I'm a good stalker?!! Oppsss... Hahaha...

    5. Hahahaha. Dont stalk. Just come & say hi. Haha

  2. Errrr... Lol... I'm shy?!? Hahahaha... Will try to say hi (:


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