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Work those legs!

I'm not sure if I've ever blog about this before. I mean the topic on legs.

Ok. I find a good pair of legs is a must!

So we have two legs which we use to walk, run, jump, squat, or in-particular we do everything with it. Even when you've having moments on bed, there are those who use it. LOL!~fetish I guess?

Anyway, I've always tried to make sure my legs are good meaning, they look good, have some shape and those stuff. That's why, in the gym I do make sure that I never disregard the importance of working out my legs as well.

Can you imagine, wearing shorts or trunks, and your legs aren't that full, it'll make you look a bit tad not so nice. I'm not saying everyone but just a few folks. Like folks at the gym. There are moments when I see guys (girls there aren't many since they've always got good legs) at the gym, with superbly great built on their arms, chest, biceps, triceps, abs or anything that's upper-half. When you look on their lower-half, you can see the drastic differences on both halves. Legs can be so stickly and wiggly, it doesn't look great at all. A balance is needed.

To all gym-junkies/hunkies, do remember to work those legs. People always say working out the legs are the worst and most tiring, but once you've done it frequently, it not only looks good but helps your legs be stronger!

My legs aren't that good either that's why I'm working hard to have it shaped and look great!


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