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More to come

Last week was madness. This week? Don't ask.

I'm actually multitasking now. Like seriously. Driving and drafting this post. Isn't it great? It's jam now, so I'm able to write, it's not like I'm literally moving around and typing. The traffic is not moving at all. But by the time I post this it won't be jam anymore. (ps. I wrote this paragraph in the morning)
Been waking up superbly late a few days go and even today. Is there any cure for this? It sucks like so much because I'll have to be stuck in the jam! 
Anyway made my club debut(sound like some sort if superstar is it? Syok sendiri) for this year. Which club? The normal one lo. Wasn't that great as I had trouble with my contact lenses and I was so freaking tired, but I did enjoy the night. Thanks for the company *wink wink*
Happy news! Yeay! Beach(not bitch) holiday coming soon! Feeling excited and I'm dying for it. I need a break and I think I deserve it when the time comes. Who doesn&#…


Monday's over! That's bloody fast like so fast, faster then a white sticky stuff shooting from a pipe into the sky. Okay that sounds pretty wrong. Don't you think so?

Let's talk about sensitive skin. I have one of the most sensitive skin ever. Not that I'm a sensitive person la. But I just have skin which gets itchy easily and it sucks to have it. I hate mosquitoes like so much I can freaking make them go extinct if I could. Over the weekend was at parents place and I tell you, I just hate hot weather because mosquitoes tends to breed more! Fuck you mosquitoes. Sorry for the foul language. 
Weekend was filled with food food food. Like so much food. I'm going to be like a freaking man-tao (is this how you write it?). I need to start back on my cardio again. Fats are building up again! I have these colleague who's a gym junkie, she loves punching my stomach. Hurts man! I actually started gymming in the morning because of her. Isn't it inspiring?
Work agai…

See touch feel blow taste

Happy Valentines Day!!

Spread the love people. Valentines isn't just for the couples but it's for everyone to share some great awesome fucking love!
What are you doing this valentines day? Anything exciting? Movie? Dinner? Whatever it is make it special ya?

Anyway lately I've been feeling the pinch with work in terms of managing my personal life and work. It's kinda tough trying to make sure my work goes smoothly and making sure my personal life is all okay. In this new transition and role, I've got too work late. Do more stuff. More last minute problem. More rushed timelines. More responsibility. Then again I've got to cater to the needs of friends and loved ones. Making sure that their happy and stuff. 
Work becomes tougher when you've other stuff to think about apart from work. It's a new job and I need to give my focus to it. Having worked for the past 3 years or so, I've never had this problem until now. 
Work is tiring. Work is stressful. My h…

Look good, feel good

Here I am sitting, typing this stuff and watching Batman Begins. It's damn old school!

Been cutting down drastically on my cardio for the past few weeks or should I say 1-2 months. Eating a lot till my waist's expanding in fat and not muscles. This is so depressing! But I couldn't care less at times. Just as long I look just nice *wink wink*.

Feeling kinda work up about work. There's just quite a lot going on lately, and honestly to speak, I'm doing good, but I'm not sure how great. When I'm stress I snack, and when I snack I increase fat. That's terrible! Why can't I just like marry myself off to someone rich and never work again? But I wouldn't want that. I rather work to get my own stuff.

As you know I've been going to gym in the morning. The only thing I love about gymming in the morning is the lack of crowd and you get to use the equipment with peace and harmony. But lately,  I notice, more folks are being hardworking and have begun gym…

Happy Birthday

I'm not wishing Facebook happy birthday. I'm wishing to myself instead. 
I grew older by another year today. Feel so old! I'm nearing the big 30. That's scary.

As like others, not much celebration this year for me. Actually I celebrate others more then I celebrate mine. Funny right. Haha. 
Life has been good thus far for me. Although I did have some major hiccups at some point. Hoping for much better year ahead. With a new job on hand do hope everything will go smoothly. 
So Facebook shares the same birthday with me?! The year of the horse officially starts on the 4th as well. That isn't that bad.  Chinese always pantang 4 but I love the number 4. Lol! 
Can I get presents? Haha. 

Happy Chinese New Year 2014

Gong Hei Fatt Choy! May it be a year filled with prosperity, love, joy, luck & success for all! Have a galloping year ahead! #maythehorsebewithyou