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Monday's over! That's bloody fast like so fast, faster then a white sticky stuff shooting from a pipe into the sky. Okay that sounds pretty wrong. Don't you think so?

Let's talk about sensitive skin. I have one of the most sensitive skin ever. Not that I'm a sensitive person la. But I just have skin which gets itchy easily and it sucks to have it. I hate mosquitoes like so much I can freaking make them go extinct if I could. Over the weekend was at parents place and I tell you, I just hate hot weather because mosquitoes tends to breed more! Fuck you mosquitoes. Sorry for the foul language.
Weekend was filled with food food food. Like so much food. I'm going to be like a freaking man-tao (is this how you write it?). I need to start back on my cardio again. Fats are building up again! I have these colleague who's a gym junkie, she loves punching my stomach. Hurts man! I actually started gymming in the morning because of her. Isn't it inspiring?
Work again tomorrow. No!! Why work? I want to just marry someone rich and laze all day. But it'll be super boring. So I rather work.
How was your weekend?


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