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Look good, feel good

Here I am sitting, typing this stuff and watching Batman Begins. It's damn old school!

Been cutting down drastically on my cardio for the past few weeks or should I say 1-2 months. Eating a lot till my waist's expanding in fat and not muscles. This is so depressing! But I couldn't care less at times. Just as long I look just nice *wink wink*.

Feeling kinda work up about work. There's just quite a lot going on lately, and honestly to speak, I'm doing good, but I'm not sure how great. When I'm stress I snack, and when I snack I increase fat. That's terrible! Why can't I just like marry myself off to someone rich and never work again? But I wouldn't want that. I rather work to get my own stuff.

As you know I've been going to gym in the morning. The only thing I love about gymming in the morning is the lack of crowd and you get to use the equipment with peace and harmony. But lately,  I notice, more folks are being hardworking and have begun gymming in the morning. Still it's not as bad if you were to go after working hours la. If you were to go after work, it's more of like watching people parade their bodies rather then working out. Not to mention the locker room moments.

Question: Would you rather go under the knife to look good or work so bloody hard through sweat and tears to look good?


  1. yeah, i prefer to gym in the morning too, but need lots of determination to wake up early!

    regarding ur questions, i don't think it is possible to go under the knife to gain muscle, thus have to work my lazy ass off to look good ! :)

    1. Totally. Morning you really got to have the discipline as well :)

      Yeah. Plus you'll be even more glad after you've seen the results.


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