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Happy Valentines Day!!

Spread the love people. Valentines isn't just for the couples but it's for everyone to share some great awesome fucking love!

What are you doing this valentines day? Anything exciting? Movie? Dinner? Whatever it is make it special ya?
Anyway lately I've been feeling the pinch with work in terms of managing my personal life and work. It's kinda tough trying to make sure my work goes smoothly and making sure my personal life is all okay. In this new transition and role, I've got too work late. Do more stuff. More last minute problem. More rushed timelines. More responsibility. Then again I've got to cater to the needs of friends and loved ones. Making sure that their happy and stuff. 

Work becomes tougher when you've other stuff to think about apart from work. It's a new job and I need to give my focus to it. Having worked for the past 3 years or so, I've never had this problem until now. 

Work is tiring. Work is stressful. My hours on paper are like the basics but due to the nature of the job I can never go with it. It's just the nature. With all this, I don't need extra pressure at times. It's seriously tiring. 

Lucky the weekend is here for me to rest and I hope I'll some of my own time away from all this. 


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