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A reply

Another post about me having an emotional upset.

Been feeling under the rain lately. For no apparent reason actually. It's like it comes and goes like that.  Sometimes I'll be just happy and no problems or anything, but sometimes it can be out of a sudden I'll have mood swings from A - Z. I can't exactly say why I'm like this and what's causing it because I don't know the answer to it. Maybe I do but I assume it's not the answer. 
Honestly I hate being this way. It's like affecting my work and the people around me actually. I send out bad vibes and they start feeling the badness from those vibes. I think I'm going nuts. 
Today a friend of my dad did like a fortune telling for me. He used my birth date details and came up with a few numbers. To my surprise what he told was actually true about me. He spoke about work, life, love and much more. After hearing it I did have some thoughts about it and kept wondering what are the changes I've got t…

Emo moments

Been kinda emotional lately. No particular reason for it though. Maybe there is but I'm just trying to sort some stuff. I'm not going through a rough period but I just feel what I'm doing or the current moment I'm in is just pretty confusing.

I think I've been like saying this a thousand times. I just want to run and scream all the way while at it.

Not A Bad Thing

Justin Timberlake performing Not A Bad Thing

It reminds me of the time when he was with 'N Sync.

No I won’t fill your mind
With broken promises and wasted time
And if you fall, you’ll always land right in these arms
These arms of mine

On air

I'm like a zombie now. Tired!
I look terrible!
Was invited to go on air last Thursday on TraxxFM with the funny Kevin Chong. It was a great session with him. He asked question which I totally wasn't prepared of answering at all. Anyway it was to promote Nuffnang's birthday bash and create awareness for it. An hour session felt like eternal. Lol. Had lots of fun and it was my first time being on air on a public radio station. Previously was just my Uni. 
My ex Uni mate recorded the interview and it was super weird. But one thing I notice was my voice. I sounded so nice! I think la. Haha! Because normally on recordings or stuff I sound weird. Anyway Saturday is the birthday bash. Can't wait to get over it like so much. 
Have you ever dreamt of being a radio DJ?

Move Your Body

Have you moved your body lately? I mean, in a proper way such as dancing or something. Please don't think otherwise *wink wink*

Anyway, recently I tried something new. Its dancing but not just my regular gym dance stuff, it's something new. Something I've never done before. Something exciting! I actually joined a competition. It was embarrassing but totally fun at the same time. So what did i joined? Well it's the Watson's Move Your Body competition which is held in conjunction with World Health Day 2014!

So the reason Watson is having this competition is to create awareness on health and lifestyle with dance. People always think health is just gym or running, but dance is also a way of it. Back to the competition (I keep strolling out of topic), all you've got to do is actually shoot a video of yourself or your friends doing the dance routine and submit it. It's so bloody easy! But it's tiring too.

Plus, wait, here's the deal. You'll stand a ch…

Festival Music Future Asia 2014

Was looking forward to the weekend before I head into a hectic week of anger, pain and stress.

Had VIP tickets to catch FMFA and was so excited! Skipped Thursday's act and instead attended on Friday. Though it was superbly hazy, it did not deter me from going, which took me approximately 4 hours from office to the venue. Seriously enjoyed that night and after, and was definitely looking forward to the 3rd day of FMFA.

However my excitement and joy was brought it an abrupt end when officials announcement that FMFA 2014 is cancelled. Why you may ask? Well it is because of a few folks who just had to take it to the extreme level by gulping down high levels of drugs and eventually dying from from due to overdose. I don't get it. What's so exciting by having to take drugs and party? The death of those 6 was totally uncalled for if they themselves did not do it and the security that night could have been extra tight. The checks that was made surely was good but may be it was jus…



It's a hectic week! I've got so much to do with such little time! Fml!

Been having meetings like on a daily basis which in the end, I got no time to do much of my work. This is just now, once it's nearing end of the month and after that onwards, it'll be worst. I'm just trying to make things work. Hope I can. I'm supposed to be confirmed by now but seems no meeting have been set up to discuss it. 
Anyway I've won my self passes to FMFA 2014! How awesome is that?! But I do feel lazy to go though. Can't imagine the jam I've to face! I'm only looking forward to go on Saturday actually. 

Been feeling really tired lately. Again I think I need more rest instead and relaxing moments. Need to loosen up sit back and enjoy. I can't wait for this month to end. Too much stuff to focus on and it's eating up every part of me bit by bit. 
Friday is fun Friday is cool. It's all about Friday. It's FMFA 2014.


It's has been 24 hours and yet no news on the faith of all of those on board flight MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing by Malaysia Airlines. Prayers are with the passengers and crews plus their families.


#OhMyFreakingGosh the weather is just so freaking hot! Like oven heat hot! The Gods must be mad at us with all the heat. I don't hear any frogs making noise at all. They say when a frog makes noise it means rain is about to come. I need to catch some frogs!

I was talking with a friend the other day about stuff we like and don't like or who we like who we don't like *wink wink* those kind of stuff. So I've decided to write a Top 10 stuff I like dislike. It can be anything for that matter. So here it is.

Stuff I dislike:

- Super sweet drinks
- People who says "Hi" and when you reply back "Hey", the reply you yet again with a "Hi"
- Having to sweat at the wrong moments
- Tasteless food
- Terrible coffee
- Having to skip gym for something inconsiderable
- Needed to talk when I'm just too tired
- Not waiting in line
- Lack of humor
- Not having the chance to go on a holiday

I know those are superbly weird dislikes I have.  I have no idea as …