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Festival Music Future Asia 2014

Was looking forward to the weekend before I head into a hectic week of anger, pain and stress.

Had VIP tickets to catch FMFA and was so excited! Skipped Thursday's act and instead attended on Friday. Though it was superbly hazy, it did not deter me from going, which took me approximately 4 hours from office to the venue. Seriously enjoyed that night and after, and was definitely looking forward to the 3rd day of FMFA.
However my excitement and joy was brought it an abrupt end when officials announcement that FMFA 2014 is cancelled. Why you may ask? Well it is because of a few folks who just had to take it to the extreme level by gulping down high levels of drugs and eventually dying from from due to overdose. I don't get it. What's so exciting by having to take drugs and party? The death of those 6 was totally uncalled for if they themselves did not do it and the security that night could have been extra tight. The checks that was made surely was good but may be it was just not good enough. Folks who've flown miles away just to get here were surely the biggest hit by the sudden cancellation and incident.

Wonder will FMFA be back again next year?

Anyway there goes my wasted credits and beers! 


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