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#OhMyFreakingGosh the weather is just so freaking hot! Like oven heat hot! The Gods must be mad at us with all the heat. I don't hear any frogs making noise at all. They say when a frog makes noise it means rain is about to come. I need to catch some frogs!

I was talking with a friend the other day about stuff we like and don't like or who we like who we don't like *wink wink* those kind of stuff. So I've decided to write a Top 10 stuff I like dislike. It can be anything for that matter. So here it is.

adlexus.blogspot.comStuff I dislike:

- Super sweet drinks
- People who says "Hi" and when you reply back "Hey", the reply you yet again with a "Hi"
- Having to sweat at the wrong moments
- Tasteless food
- Terrible coffee
- Having to skip gym for something inconsiderable
- Needed to talk when I'm just too tired
- Not waiting in line
- Lack of humor
- Not having the chance to go on a holiday

I know those are superbly weird dislikes I have.  I have no idea as well. Just some random dislikes I have.

What about yours? What are your dislikes?


  1. Hmm..for the Hi-HEY-Hi thing, I did it myself previously! Well...sometimes we were just a bit shy u know.

    1. I totally understand. I'm shy too. But maybe another words like 'how are you' or something else would be nice :)

  2. Replies
    1. hihowareyouit'sbeenawhileithoughtofyouoftenbutnotthatoftenmalulahcakapmacamtu!

    2. Whywanttomalumaluithoughtyoujenistakmaluhahahaha

    3. ehiamthemalumalusipusiputkindofpersonokay

  3. not having the chance? didn't u always have the chance? hahaha


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