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Move Your Body

Have you moved your body lately? I mean, in a proper way such as dancing or something. Please don't think otherwise *wink wink*

Anyway, recently I tried something new. Its dancing but not just my regular gym dance stuff, it's something new. Something I've never done before. Something exciting! I actually joined a competition. It was embarrassing but totally fun at the same time. So what did i joined? Well it's the Watson's Move Your Body competition which is held in conjunction with World Health Day 2014!

So the reason Watson is having this competition is to create awareness on health and lifestyle with dance. People always think health is just gym or running, but dance is also a way of it. Back to the competition (I keep strolling out of topic), all you've got to do is actually shoot a video of yourself or your friends doing the dance routine and submit it. It's so bloody easy! But it's tiring too.

Plus, wait, here's the deal. You'll stand a chance to win RM 5,000 and a spot to dance with Hitz.FM crew on 30th March 2014 at Sunway Lagoon. There will be an event that day and Watson's is collaborating with Celebrity Fitness and Hitz.FM for it. If you don't intend to join the competition, you can always join the celebration on that day. Watson is offering a promotion of RM30 for entrance ticket (which is so much bloody cheap compared to the normal price - RM120! Mad!) to the event with any purchase from its store. Of course it is only available around KL and Negeri Sembilan la.

Actually I'm pretty shy to share the video but what the hack. Since it's done I'm just going to share with you guys. Please don't laugh at me! But if you think my dance is awesome do contact me for performances or ambassadorship deals. #syoksendiri

ps. guess which is me. LOL!

#Waitwhat ? Faster join the competition as RM5,000 awaits you! 


  1. What happened to the one filmed infront of Maison? lol

  2. You look good in the Orange jumper! :p

  3. who is the cute guy in black? he can't dance, but he looks so fuckable!!!

    1. oh so he's a virgin??? even better! haha!

  4. Replies
    1. At least you have a chance to win cos you submitted an entry. Hahahaha...

    2. Fingers and toes crossed that you will. Hehehehe...

    3. Oh nooooo... Well, you didn't lose. You just didn't win. Try again in other competitions. Take this as a valuable experience (:

  5. ei.. daymn!!! boleh menari siut!!!! bila i balik lets go hiao together! lol


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