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Happy Labour Day

The only thing I'm happy is that it's a public holiday. That's all I ever care! I'm so superficial. Am I not? Actually I'm not. Honestly I'm not. I think so. Oh whatever la!

What a hectic week! Events and meetings non-stop and work's still piling up day by day.

Anyway, some update on the police investigation thingy, and in the end, the cop said it was my fault and not the other person. So I was compounded and had to pay up for it if not I could be in court. So to avoid the much problematic hassle, I just paid and finish of with it. Well, there goes part of my savings for the month of April. Awesome huh?

The month of March and April was just truly sucky for me like totally idiotically sucky. Had so many stuff going on which wasn't that great, cash flow was just like our dams running dry, few accidents major and minor, some people problem, work as usual and others la. 

Anyway, May is a new month and I'm totally looking forward to it so much. Bali is next week and I just can't wait to drop everything here and enjoy my time there with no care in the world! The food, beaches, people, massages, entertainment, drinks and everything which I could possibly do there. 

Any of you been to Bali? I'm pretty sure many out there have been. I feel so back dated. Well its my first time so if there's tips or must go places that you could share it'll be so awesome! I used to do researches to places that I'm heading to but lately I've been so lazy and I just leave it to the other person to handle the planning. I'm so mean! I know I know. Please pity me even if you don't. LOL!

Its Labour Day. What are your plans? Anything special other then just heading to the gym, or hanging out with friends? Well mine is super boring. Gym and back home for dinner with mom and dad and the little boy. Gosh I'm missing my nephew. He's just so adorable but pampered!

Oh yeah have you listen to Shakira's latest single called Empire?  Please say you have. If you've not, please go and listen to it. I swear it's damn good, but I'm not sure if everyone has the same thought as me though. I do notice I don't have a particular genre of song that I am a fan of or like. As long the song can get me singing to it or even dancing to it or even me looping it non-stop, it has to be something awesome which I just love. For those who've not listened to it yet, here it is. Share your thoughts!

Well Happy Labour Day everybody! It's a day to chillax and kick back. Go out and get some fresh air!


  1. Tak habis2 shakira...pepet betul :P

    1. Hey Shakira is awesome plus she's sexy! Lalalala

  2. Thought you were wearing shades on

  3. i so badly wanna have sex with you...


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