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Post holiday syndrome

It's not a sickness but just a syndrome. Hate it totally hate it. Hey I'm not nuts.

You know, of cause you don't, I've received a reply from a random person when I said "Hye" in my reply. That person thought I was a Malay because the spelling of "Hye" is used mainly by Malays while the Chinese spell it as "Hey". I didn't know of such thing. Does it make sense?

Gosh! My holiday has ended just like that. Seriously just like that! What the hell!

Why does it always happen? When you're on leave, time moves damn bloody fast but when you're working it moves so bloody slow?

Anyway, updates coming soon on the trip to Bali! It was fun and relaxing I would say. Stay tuned!


  1. i don't get the 'hye' thing. what's with the 'hye' thing? i also don't know there's a racial difference to say 'hey' -_-

    1. Exactly! It's so random and I find it stupid.


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