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Pre Holiday Madness

I just feel so random. Not sure why but it's just plain random. I'm like hallucinating.

I always hate this. Whenever I'm about to go for a holiday, lots of stuff would occur. Not always or much but just some at the wrong time.

Something happen yesterday. I was adjusting my car seat by pushing it back because I had to put on my shoes. After I'm done, when I tried to pull the seat back to its original place, it got stuck. Shit! Imagine me driving with my arms stretch fully and my legs as well. It's a horror!

Anyway, I've been loosing some weight again, I think. Not that sure but my fat percentage did drop. I'm happy but my muscle mass is not growing. I mean it's growing but at a super slow rate and I can't achieve my goal for this weekend. So sad la. How oh how? Help me!

Some update to share. Visited the club last week after some time. The last I went to the club was like back in February if I'm not wrong. Who did I go with? Of cause I didn't go alone. I wonder how can some folks visit the club alone like seriously alone. I will never in my life go alone because it'll be so weird! Back to the topic of discussion, so was with two of my friends and it was seriously funny and fun that night. All three of us had some drinks and the next thing we knew it, we were all tipsy (a little) and not really concentrating on the right mission we were there. Well the place wasn't all that fun lately whenever I go. Not sure why but maybe it's because I kind of don't fancy visiting clubs, instead I prefer hanging out or something.

Sometimes I notice I have this memory shortage problem. I tend to forget stuff and remember stuff easily. Is it the age issue? I don't know. At the moment, I can't remember what I've got to do for tomorrow morning. I'm freaking out a little now but at the same time I can't brain my brain about it. Shit!

Tomorrow's the day. Away from all this madness for a few days and I'm so excited! No emails, no calls and no texts! Beat that people! 


  1. The person went with you last time, sure very sad because you can't remember ;)

  2. Bro, sounds like you have been overloaded with tons of stuff =S
    Hope there are more than someone to help you out!!

  3. you went to MP? yay!!! you're so my type!


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