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Priority and option

Was chatting with my close friend from Uni on how I missed being with them so much and the times we all spend together was just so fun. Now we are all grown up, with jobs and life. Everything has change since graduation. Wish time would turn back.

Anyway was thinking about something and it made me really think hard and deep on certain issue that a friend of mine shared with me 

A friend of mine knew this particular person and they've met with each other for like 3 times. Everything was good you know, they constantly text and did do some calls which made the getting to know each other good or I would say interesting. Why am I saying this? It's because there's a 'but' along the way in that sentence. My friend felt that that person was great, interesting, funny, just the perfect and right person. But what my friend started to notice was how would my friend actually fit in if things were to go further then knowing each other on a mutual basis. This is because that person has a wide social network and a way of life which was more out there maybe, and when you have it, means knowing lots of people and this means having a limited amount of time and, many people around saying hi and bye and, how would it be for my friend and that person "if" they were to be together? I guest my friend shouldn't be thinking so much about it yet but I don't blame my friend as well cause you're dealing with feelings and you wouldn't want to play around with it. 

All I can say is , may be it's still a little too early and only time will tell if that person is truly meant for you. Like my friend's case, I would advise to just go with the flow and if that person truly cares and have feelings towards you, he or she would actually do something about it. He or she would actually make you a priority instead of an option.


  1. ooo..if it's a PLU thingy then your friend and that other person of interest will probably not move beyond what they are at right now. anyway, i'm still fantasizing that 3 some with you and your clone. hahaha:-p

    1. Not sure what thingy la. Lol. I guess it'll depend on how the situation goes.


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