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About the gym

Busy day today busy day everyday. Like seriously busy. Been trying to update since like few weeks back, actually since my last post but I just don't have the time to do it. More of I'm just lazy or it's already late at night to do it. I need to split myself into few pieces at times. I want to have mutant blood injected into me which will give me the power to clone and split myself into a few of me. How awesome would that be right? *wink wink*

Been trying to go to the gym more often the past few days. I have this OCD (I think) since I've been gymming that is if I don’t work out for a day or two, I feel weak, tired, skinny and fat! Am I a gym addict? Please say I’m not cause I don’t want to be one! (I think). Did I say that I was into muay thai now? I mean those at the gym lah since I'm not or more of I don't that commitment to join those professional full time training at those centre although I would love to! Anyway, my boxing and kicking skills seems to be improving from my own perspective. Legs don't feel pain after I've kicked the bag and arms doesn't ache after many punching moments. I just love it because it helps me relax and sweat it all out! Oh yeah sweat is good!

So talking about gym and stuff, I've always had this question on my mind. Have you been like hit on and have you done anything, 'kinky' in the gym? Frankly speaking, people this days are from all sorts which leads to 'anything can happen' moments.

I've seen a few folks especially in the locker rooms (that's where everything happens) acting like vultures or a predators looking for their next prey. It can be quite entertaining on how they go about it but some can be really disrespecting in terms of to the society. I mean it's pretty obvious the community has certain issues with LBGT folks and people who does this kind of stuff only makes it worst and not any better. Even the straight community would find it inappropriate for this kind of things to happen. It's a public gym dude, unless it's like those specialist gym, by all means do what you like. I've seen folks roaming around the locker room, shower cubicles and others looking for an easy target. I'm not saying you shouldn't be doing it as it's your wish and problem not mine, but still, you know, it ain't appropriate. There was once I saw this fellow who was just clad in his towel, walking up and down the whole locker room since I arrived until I was about to have my shower. Persistence is surely his plus point.

If you're just checking out that person, go ahead even I don't mine *HAHAHA* but more then that maybe a proper way to approach would be better.

I'm not trying to portray that I'm a saint or anything, but it's stuff like this which doesn't portray a good image for everyone.

What are your views on this? Has it happen to you?? Share la. *wink wink*


  1. I'm horny as fuck but i never do that, no guts to do that, unless the guy is you. hehe

  2. I am just like you, if didn't go to gym, would feel fat.. Okay, even if I went, I still feel fat.. @.@

    And yeah, I did noticed one guy clad in his towel, roaming in the changing room/sauna/steam room/shower area.. He were never in the workout place.. Just changing room.. Hmm..

    1. LOL! It doesn't boost the confidence needed right...

      Exactly! That's so weird!


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