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How I've changed

Been at home the whole day back at my parent's place. Although I do get annoyed at them sometimes, I just can't imagine what I'll do without them.

It's already middle of the year with another half to go. I feel time moves to fast. Don't you feel the same?

So, this afternoon I was watching Devil's Wear Prada for the 1000th time due to boredom. Somehow, that movie have never been boring to me. It's such a fun movie to watch. Anyway, while watching it I did realise one thing which was how much Andrea changed from a normal street girl to this up-class fashionista with attitude. While watching it, it had me thinking in the end. It had me realising how much I've changed, me, myself. Changing for the good or bad I would not know but all I know is I've changed from a person to another.

It all started when I attended my college for my degree and from that moment I've changed from a person who just stays at home with my mom and dad, to someone who had the taste of being out and about. I used to be timid, always not willing to try anything new, but being exposed to all sort of scenes and environment changed all that. I learn to life on my own, who to trust, what's pain, how to face my fears, how to climb a wall, fishing for gold, digging for time and so much more. I turned to someone else who's more out spoken, brave to speak up, not that shy and timid, and I would say it totally changed my personality of who I was before.

With all those emotional changes, there was the external changes as well. I've taken into consideration of how I look, what others think of me, what would they say, how they would react, all this made me to change my dressing, my appearance, my actions and everything. I became more concern of everything. I joined the gym after I got my first job, I paid to get a good hair cut, fork out lots on nice clothes, read on the net and magazines on the latest happenings, got new gadgets, trying to fit in, everything was this, that, on me.

I made lots of new friends whom I've never expected I would which till this very day, they have become some of my bestest and we are able to share many sorts with no cold feelings. I've meet many people from different background who've thought me many sorts of being a person. They thought me how to be out and about and see the world. I've been in love, broken hearted, played, fooled, ignored, and all those lovey dovey stuff. But with all this I've never fail to put on a brave face right up till today.

Me and my sister we share our stories together whenever we meet. My mom is always the person who backs me up when I down. Dad is the man of the family who advises on work and finance related matters. Brother comes to the rescue whenever I need him to be. I sit and speak matured adult stuff with my family and never be scared or afraid to share the concerns I have. I could never ask for another family like mine. Throughout the few years I've learned to appreciate them so much more even though I do know at times I might have neglected them.

Since then till now, I've changed. A lot, like so much. If I do bump into any of my school mates, the first thing they'll notice is how much I've changed. I was never the smartest in school, I wasn't the best looking in school, I wore the same pants for a week and the shirt lasted me for two years. I wasn't in the elite group. I didn't go out like they did. I wasn't the rich kid who had 2 bucks in their pockets on a daily basis. Somehow, some way all this changed as I grew.

Do I regret all that has happen and would I turn back time? Maybe I would turn back time to spend more time with my family, but regrets have no point of regretting it, as the past is in the past, we learn from it. I'm almost at that point that my regrets should not be repeated in the future.


  1. And suddenly you changed your way of writing too! Hahahaha... The only thing that will not change is change itself.

  2. ANDREAAA ANDDREEAAA !! Where's my Gucci Coat !!


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