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I spy with my little eye

I just had a reality check. I'm seriously growing fatter like seriously. Not lying. Was looking in the mirror and I saw some love handles building up. That's some serious shit going on! Somebody save me!

Situation: Walking into a cafe. Bunch of guys sitting there. Sat down for awhile. Got up and ordered drinks at the counter. Waited and collected it after that. Sat back down.
I'm sure many (not exactly many but more like all of you) of you have been in that situation right? And many of you would have gotten that stare or glare. The funny thing about it is the stare that you get is not just any kind of stare. It's a stare with some meaning of like 'who's that?', 'from where?', 'what are they/he doing here?', 'who is/are he/they...?'  and etc. Apart from just those thoughts that might be running through their brains, they are also scanning you as a person from head to toe on how you dress to how you look. Judging? I don't know you tell me.

Some stare can just be uncomfortable while some is just flattering to be honest. Still why do people stare? The funny thing is when they're staring and when you turn to look at them, they just turn their heads 180 degree around and pretend they are not looking at you. Hilarious.

Do you stare at people? Why? What reason?


  1. Yeah, Malaysians love to stare at others for no reason, especially the Malays and Indians. They just love to stare and then possibly make a judgment on that person. But now it's getting even weirder because of all these foreigners, the Banglas, Indons etc, because these people stare at you like you're a meal. It's very uncomfortable.
    TBH, I don't mind if a cute Chinese guy is staring at me, that is very flattering, hehe, and sometimes, when my G-dar piqued, I stare at cuties too. :-p

    1. I think the staring doesn't just involve one or two races but all in general. But foreign may tend to stare more. Haha.

      Staring is fine but shouldn't be till it makes another uncomfortable.

  2. coz you damn gay and hawt that's why they stare!

    that animated gif really made me flip!

  3. oy vay you're gay?!!!!!! YAY!!
    is that gif yours? shake that ass baby! ooh yeah!!

    1. If that gif is mine I'll be famous. Maybe. Hahaha


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