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Keep it on or off?

I can hear the paws or may be the nails of dogs running around the floor from my upper floor neighbour. Actually sometimes middle of the night I can hear them as well. It can be quite irritating at times but it's okay. Dogs are cute so are.......

Last week was just a hectic week. Okay not hectic but more to busy. I feel like I hardly have any time for anything. Isn't it sucky? Just say it is! 

Anyway (I seem to be using the word anyway so frequent in all my post) finally made a decision to get a new car! Yeay! It'll be my first car! Technically second as the first is by my dad but this would be my own! I'm buying it myself so it's something I'm proud of but I do wish to own a house instead of a car. Took both my parents for the test drive and they were pretty pleased with it. 

Back to the topic. So last night I was having a chat my friend and suddenly we were at this particular topic. What was it? Well it is this.

"Do you sleep with your clothes on or off"

For me it really depends. At times I would prefer to have it all on. There are times I would just wish for everything to be off. There are also times I would prefer for it to be partially there and not. But my main choice would be to have it all off. Why? Well because it's more comfy and relaxing. The main purpose of why you want to be relax is so that you could sleep better and having it all off helps me sleep better. So we were talking about it on why we don't and do. It's pretty interesting to know those who are into it or modernize while there is also those who more traditional in terms of being more covered up.

Some of them actually feel rather insecure or just too exposed having everything off. I don't think it's overly exposed as you still have the blanket to cover up when you sleep *wink wink*. But mainly they feel shy. I guess if you love yourself, it wouldn't be that bad. So loving yourself is very important and not just internally but externally as well. There are those who actually felt that having everything off makes everything else on your body extra sensitive. I'm not sure in what way, but I guess you guys can figure it out yourselves. Right? It feels so free, I mean the whole day you've had everything on and tight, and your only chance to be free is at night so why not make full use of it? 


  1. i am not secure about my body, so i rarely sleep in the buff. i sleep topless but with boxers on if it's a hot hot night.
    anyways, so u sleep naked like, 90% of the time? cool! easier for rapist to do our job. haha!


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