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Life in the fab lane

I foresee busy weeks to come and never ending pile of shoot coming along.

I've always wondered, where do those 'people' get all the money to flaunt their happening and lavish lifestyle. Happening as in, they're always at parties or in most cases they are at those higher end restaurants such as Alexis or something (which only God knows) for almost 3-4 times a week, eating, drinking and sharing their latest life news nightly. Apart from that, they also travel and not just to your backyard places like Sekinchan or Banting, but instead they travel to places such as Greece, Sydney, London, Paris, Tokyo, Seoul and all those places you see on TV.

I had a chitty chatter with a friend of mine about this and we did wondered how do they sustain such a life? Things are not cheap, even owning a freaking car will cost you at least 1k per month let alone a house, and the brands that they carry on their backs.

It's not just the feel of having such luxurious or fabulosity lifestyle, but it's also a status or something I think? But having all this does and will certainly come with a price. If you're earning huge chunks of cash monthly than maybe just maybe you could have this kind of life, but if you're just an average earner and wanting to live the fab life, I'm not sure how one can actually do it. I'm imagining the loans they have or maybe the support from the family they get.

I'm always curious to know how they do it. There are also times I feel, I don't really fit in with any of them. I'm living the simple life while they are living the life out there. It just feels weird.

Do you live the fabulous life? Would you? Why?


  1. I foresee myself living the lavish lifestyle, but only if and when I could. Whatever I'm living off now belongs to my parents. They are, well, still above average so they can still spend on some stuffs.

    I guess its all about balance. Some people try really hard to keep themselves on the "standard par", like with multiple creditors and struggling to make ends meet; some people do that with a motive of trying to persuade people that they are doing well, at the same time that's their job in some nature; some people just wants to be on the top of social ladder seemingly.

    What I learned from cash flow is, be steady, get a good income which allows you to be on the next step when you can; but not instantaneously, gradually. Then you will be there even before you know it.

    PS:Noticed you've started following my blog! Thanks for that, see ya in the blog roll!

    1. Agree with what you've said. Money we have now is from our parents and we do neeed to learn how cash flow works.

      ps. see ya! :)

  2. I have been working my ass off for 6 years and I still can't afford to buy a car, and I'm a degree holder. My salary is way below everyone my age :-(
    I do pay for my mom's house that she bought in her name (actually it's our family house) and and because I love my mommy so much, I am paying the monthly installments and it ain't cheap. I only ever eat out once a month, and that is either at KFC or McD's. I just don't understand how those young people can afford to dine out everyday, let alone having branded clothes and accessories and stuff.
    Sometimes I feel jealous and life is so fucking unfair. I don't have that many friends anymore as I don't go out and enjoy life like they do for i simply cannot afford their lifestyle, yet they accuse me of being stingy and tease me that I must have a lot of money in my bank account. It's depressing sometimes, especially when my own boss asks when am I gonna get a car? Like wtf? Give me a freaking raise and bonus then I'll buy that damn car! sigh..Malaysia is so fucked needs to be of a certain race/religion to earn so much money.

    1. Its truly understandable. With the cost of living these days, its not easy to pull through and I also do wonder how do those who are still studying or freshies can just like spend like nobody's business.

      But you're doing something for your family so its good. What ever people say is not important as long you know the truth.

      Hope things will be smoother for you ya :)


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