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Another tragedy for Malaysia and Malaysia Airlines. MH370 have yet to be found and now another aircraft, MH17 suspected to have crashed or shot down near the border of Russia and Ukraine soil.

I can't imagine how would the family and love ones of those on board the plane be feeling now, to hear such saddening news. Pray for all to be safe and sound although it may seem impossible but there is always a possibility.

Looking at all the images and videos online, it just breaks my heart and causes my eyes to tear up. 2014 is truly a challenging year for all Malaysians. With so much going on and it's only half of the year with another 6 months to go. I truly hope all will be fine.

There are times I wonder those people who post or spread countless unless information on the net about MH17, have they ever thought of how the family and friends would feel? Posting pictures of bodies, heart wrenching videos, it is all uncalled for, but then again, is people like me and you who encourages them to post because we seek so much for this kind of information.

Do hope justice is served if the plane was truly shot down. Again, prayers for the souls of those who've perished in the crash and words of comfort to the loved ones of those.

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  1. all on board sad..RIP...damn those Ukrainians and Russians! Both sides are pointing fingers and refuse to take responsibility. wtf is wrong with humanity today? first we had to deal Kiki CDM25, and now MH17. so sad :-(

    1. I don't think you could even use the word humanity to describe them as they aren't humans at all. It's just so sad and makes you angry at the same time about all this.


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