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Throw the towel

Ok. It's Sunday. It's hot. It's not raining. It's not even snowing. Hell! But it's okay. I'm watching ANTM S2. Yea I'm back dated. It's okay.

Honestly,  been hitting the gym quite frequently lately. Reason why? Well I had an epiphany. All the while I was feeling, "well I'm still okay...not much fat" but I realise, it was all fake! I was gaining fat like there's no tomorrow! So yea. I decided to be strictly disciplined by fixing schedules and gymming to meet goals.

Anyway, the above is not what I want to talk about, actually. It's actually all about towels.
I guess everyone of you or maybe part of you do hit the gym and some of you may bring your own towels or borrow the ones provided by the gym. Having the convenience of the towel service is extremely well and it helps prevent from having to bring your own from home or wherever.

But there are times, those towels, can be a little not so wonderful to use or worst, can't be used at all. How is it? Well, there are cases where the towel is torn and it seems as though it was used to hook something up and pulled till there's a big tear. Another is the smell. Gosh some of the towel really do stink like it was just washed in plain water and hung to dry. There are those which smell of body odor like pretty bad, so bad. Also, there are towels which isn't just meant to be a bath towel. How? It just can't soak up water! I always wonder, do they actually have some QC when it comes to like cleanliness and hygiene for these towels?

OK. I may seem like I'm whining and stuff, but when I think of it, I'm actually paying for it. It's part of the services that is being provided. Just like a hotel room. You're paying for all the amenities provide, what's in the room, the toiletries and the towels. Isn't it right? But it's just my silly thoughts of stuff in life.

What's your view on this?


  1. you're so hot...

  2. If it really is that bad and unacceptable, just exchange the towel. I'm sure the front desk will have no problem giving you an acceptable towel (;

  3. i never go to gym, and i not sador like you okbai



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